Who We Are

Change4Kids does very cool stuff for very cool kids. With child Bullying, Homelessness and Teen Suicide at an all time high and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth making up 40% of all teen suicides, we are dedicated to creating change for kids in crisis.  We believe that every child deserves a fair go, and that’s why we are changing the lives of our Aussie kids and helping them create the path to a brighter future for themselves and their community.

Going strong since 2016, Change4Kids is a not for profit organisation founded by an epic dude, Dale Stone. Dale was once a street kid himself and knows all too well what it means to feel unwanted. In his words, How a child in today’s times can live without a loving family is beyond me and it breaks my heart to hear the stories. We will not stop until these kids know they are loved, treasured and given a fair go.

THIS is the passion that drives Change4Kids.


What We Do

Change4Kids (or since we’re friends now, you can call us C4K) has done more great stuff for kids than you can poke a soft, padded, child-friendly stick at. We have delivered hundreds of Christmas presents, Easter Eggs, toys, games and books to kids in foster care and child protection plus we threw in a few circus tickets, footy tickets, and trampolines for good measure.

Our current mission? Developing ground-breaking services to bring assistance to victims of bullying, homelessness and suicide prevention. We creating long term solutions for our Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Aussie kids who have suffered neglect or abuse, or have become a number in the justice system. Starter Packs are specifically designed to assist our troubled youth transition from street life and juvenile detention to society. Starter Packs help kids who have had a rough start create an epic future. You can give to our Starter Pack mission here.


How We Do It

Like most charities, we rely on the power of luuurve to make stuff happen. This means we have an awesome team of volunteers, organisations and local businesses that support our cause.

With a goal to change the lives of 1,000,000 Aussie kids in crisis we are dedicated to providing our kids with the tools, education and life skills for the next chapter of their life.

Want to get involved? (it gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling, we swear). By partnering with Change4Kids on a monthly basis, kids in crisis 5 to 18 years of age will be provided with a Starter Pack courtesy of Change4Kids and Kmart Australia. Plus YOU get to change the life of an Aussie child in need, forever.

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Some of the faces behind the C4K magic include



Dale Stone

Founder, Director and Head Honcho

Dale was once a street kid himself and knows all too well what it means to feel unwanted. In his words, How a child in today’s times can live without a loving family is beyond me and it breaks my heart to hear the stories. We will not stop until these kids know they are loved and treasured and given a fair goTHIS is the passion that drives Change4Kids. His drive to assist and support kids in Foster care and child protection shows. After leaving the foster system, Dale went on to build StoneTech Consulting, one of Australia’s most successful and well respected business consulting agencies before returning to his passion and creating Change4Kids.



Jack Buckskin

Cultural Advisor and Team Chocolate Provider

Yyou may be forgiven for thinking that Jack Buckskin is Cultural Advisor because of his leadership role in the Aboriginal community; but you’d be wrong. It’s because he brings chocolate to team meetings. As an indigenous educator and Kaurna language teacher, Jack understands the passion behind Change4Kids, which is why we let him hang out with us. Plus the fact that he has a phenomenal drive to create a sustainable difference in the lives of Indigenous Aussie kids doesn’t hurt either.


Padma Singh Change4kids

Padma Singh

Mrs Australia World Finalist 2018

Padma is the newest member to join the #C4K Crew (she had no say in the matter. We held her hostage until she agreed.) She has an extensive history helping young women gain confidence by encouraging them to reach their full potential, which is why we let her hang out with us. Plus she wears great shoes. Always a bonus.


Darren May

Spin Master at NSUC JAMZ 89.7 FM

By day, Darren sends silky smooth jamz across the airways but by night, he’s Batman (Oops. We probably shouldn’t have told you that.) A graduate of the School of Hard Knocks, Dazz is as keen as mustard about helping indigenous Aussie kids who are doing it tough to create a better future for themselves (which works out well because that’s exactly what we do!)  You can catch the Spin Master on 89.7 FM or right here at C4K Head Quarters.


James Gregory

James Gregory

Media and Marketing Stormtrooper

He may look innocent but this 6′5″ giant is a marketing and social media superstar. With a degree in life skills, James uses his freakishly-awesome Jedi powers to help our young indigenous Aussie kids create a future that’s so bright, he needs sunglasses to look at it. You can catch James right here at C4K Head Quarters or follow us on Facebook for all the latest adventures!





We appreciate our partners



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We would like to acknowledge the traditional lands of the Kaurna people and our respect for their spiritual relationship with Country. We also pay respects to the cultural authority of Aboriginal people, their heritage and beliefs, as still important to the living Aboriginal peoples of today.


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