C4K Youth Assist App

Some people believe that you need to go to a Tony Robbins event to change your life. We believe that crisis support, relief from bullying and homelessness and the ability to achieve your full potential are something every child should have access to. As a kid, sometimes life can seem a little hard to navigate. But for kids who are suffering from abuse or suicidal thoughts, it’s completely overwhelming. It is true that children naturally have different strengths and tolerances for distress, but every child, with access to the right guidance, tools and assistance, can seek the help they crave and become part of the culture of change.

Over the past two years, working with people throughout Australia, we discovered that most kids think that creating change in their life is too hard, will take too long, or simply, is for “other people”. Through our C4K Youth Assist App, we are soon set to see hundreds of youth shift the entire course of their life and step into a place of safety, recovery, reconciliation and confidence within a very short time and with that shift, families, communities and future generations, benefit.

We have watched as lives are changed with our Youth Change Workshops are are now set to make those same results available online. Once the seed is planted, the process of change begins and our youth begin taking the journey towards becoming happier, healthier, confident and productive members of society.

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Youth Employment Programs

Never one to sit on our laurels, we are launching our most daring venture yet, Youth Employment Programs.We know there can be many challenges for young Indigenous and non-Indigenous teens when it comes to finding a job, including not having the right qualifications or experience, not having access to transport, or not having somewhere safe to live. We believe the solution is simple. Rather than simply tell our youth to “get a job”, we are helping them every step of the way.

We work one on one with schools and eligible youth to help place them in apprenticeships and paid employment.

Our Youth Employment Program is the brain child of our Ambassador and Cultural Advisor, Jack Buckskin, an experienced educator and Karuna language teacher. The main focus of the program is to help under-privileged Aboriginal teens develop the experience, self belief, skills and emotional intelligence required to be a role model, contribute to their community, and inspire their peers to make a difference in the world around them.

The C4K Youth Employment Program helps kids in crisis transition into paid employment. With the right support and guidance, our kids can learn the value of contribution in an interactive and fun environment, thereby breaking the cycle of poverty and changing future generations forever.

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