We’re a pretty diverse bunch made up of indigenous and non-indigenous members. Some of us know what it’s like to be homeless. Some of us know what it’s like to withstand the peer pressure of drug use. And some of us had upbringings that look like a Disney movie. But no matter what our colour, race or age, we stand with a unified goal; to change the lives of the next generation of indigenous children.

We are now using our superpowers to run educational workshops and Change Programs in schools and detention centres, and giving reformed kids the opportunity to start an apprenticeship

You can check out our Testimonials page to find out more about how the Change4Kids team is changing lives in your local community!



When you partner with Change4Kids by helping us raise much needed funds, you will be linking arms with our C4K Coaches as they run Change Programs in schools, detention centres, local communities and help place our at-risk youth in jobs they can be proud of.



We can help you coordinate your event to raise funds for Change Programs and youth employment. All it takes is you, a bunch of your friends (or frenemies) and you’re set to raise funds through your school, workplace or home! You can even sponsor an entire Change Program!

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